Saturday, May 9, 2009

Top K-9 Dog Contest Blog

Welcome to the Choose the Top K-9 Dog Blog!

Have you seen the great K-9 dogs and their handlers on the www.sactopdogcontest site?

We'll keep you updated as to the winner of the Sacramento Top K-9 Police Dog Contest.

And if you vote at the top dog site and also place a comment on this blog about the contest, your favorite dog, or about the prizes, you can maximize your chances to win one of the prizes. You can be anonymous with your comment but just make sure we know you posted the comment by emailing us at the Top Dog Contest site.

Why do we want the comments? Simply to let the K-9 contestants know that they are respected and that we are happy to have them protecting us.

Here are a few sample comments:

Comment 1:
Hey Sac Top Dog,
It's a great idea to let us know about some of the great K-9 dogs that are protecting us all night long.
I checked out the site and it looks great! I can't decide which one is my favorite so I voted for every one of them! Hey, your prizes look good - I always wanted a Peticure for my dog. Sure hope I win one.
------Mary, Sacramento

Comment 2:
Well, I checked out some of the dogs and I just want to say that I had the chance to meet Eddy awhile back. He comes into our hospital to visit the kids. Great dog! He gets my vote!

Comment 3:
I sure wouldn't want to be on the teeth end of these dogs! They're determined to do their job. That Seico dog would scare the pajamas off me! He's got a tough bark, too. Hey, great site - you gave me good insight into the K-9 dogs and their handlers. I voted and hope I get the crime scene towel! I can just see the look on my friends' faces when they see the towel in my bathroom. Pretty cool! Oh, and that sponsor of yours, - they have some great gifts. I'm gonna definitely get some birthday and graduation gifts there.

Okay, now remember, to maximize your chance to win some of the prizes, you just have to do a few things.
1. Vote at
2. Post a comment on this blog.
3. Make sure you email us at Just tell us you made a comment on the blog and what you said.